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Originally Posted by TerraPhantm View Post
Ribbon mirrors are another beast altogether. Probably easier if you can find the folding mirrors (pretty rare from what i observed). Stock E46s in the US already have the connector for the folding motor - but obviously it's unused since there's no motor to plug it into. Or at least my zhp did - I never got around to testing it, but I believe the connector is live too.

So there's a couple ways you could go about it. You can try rigging another set of motors to the existing set of motors and using the unused connector. Or you can just find an 03/03+ folding motor (rare). On the module side, I don't think there's any wiring. It seems to communicate over a serial bus, and the module decides whether or not to fold based on what it is told by the GM5.
So basicly what u are saying is that I just need mirrors with autofold and ribbon conectors and then the switch with the button?
So all I need is this:

x1 Yellow Switch f mirror adjust./folding back function. P/N: 61318373732 $67.34

and two mirrors with autofold and ribbon conectors and everything should then be plug and play?

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