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Originally Posted by TurnersInOz View Post
Radar, I just installed the MS-8 today as well. Not nearly as nice as yours, great job!
Question for you: How did you wire the inputs to the MS-8? I am using the high level inputs (coming from factory nav HU) but the MS-8 does not see the rear speakers. If I put the amp in 2 ch mode they come on so I know they are fine.

Thank you,
Scott- did you ever get this issue resolved? I'd like to use all four of the nav unit's channel outputs into the MS-8 if at all possible.

Originally Posted by radarcontact View Post
Also, try setting your MS-8 volume at -40 for the calibration process since you are using high power amps. And your gains on your amps should be around 2v which is usually around 10 o'clock position. Turn off all other processing, loudness, balance centered, treble/bass/mid controls centered (off), etc. Another thing that I did was to have the wife come do the calibration for the passenger seat -- I stayed in the driver seat, motionless, and she ran the calibration movements for the passenger seat. Here's why: There are times when I am the only one in the car, BUT, you can't drive from the passenger seat, so if you are trying to impress the passenger using the PASSENGER setting, most likely you will be in the driver's seat, so why not let the MS-8 compensate for your body mass and possible speaker obstruction?
Do you find it necessary to switch "maps"? I'd ideally like to have one map and unplug the display after setup, but I don't know how much of a compromise that'd be...

Originally Posted by jeffb325@DynavinSolutions View Post
yeah.....MS-8 is an nice piece.....I almost lost my mind getting it right..... but oh how right it is!
Originally Posted by radarcontact View Post
Lol, yeah, it's like that "trust exercise" where you fall backwards into someone else's arms. You have to let the ms-8 do it's thing...no crossover settings, no tone settings, no balance, no fade, ugh! It's frikkin' hard to let go, ain't it??
So does the MS-8 actually set the crossovers? Or are you talking about crossovers that Andy recommends? IIRC the best is 85hz/24db HP on the front midbass, and a 1khz/24db crossover between the midwoofer and the midrange/tweeter for stock speakers... I read somewhere on diyma.

Also Jeff, care to elaborate on what drove you crazy about it?
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