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Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
Scott- did you ever get this issue resolved? I'd like to use all four of the nav unit's channel outputs into the MS-8 if at all possible.
Shouldn't be necessary. The 8 will just sum them anyway if you do. So if your fronts are full range and your rears are full range, or anything less than full range, it will just add everything together and you will end up with...full range.

Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
So does the MS-8 actually set the crossovers? Or are you talking about crossovers that Andy recommends? IIRC the best is 85hz/24db HP on the front midbass, and a 1khz/24db crossover between the midwoofer and the midrange/tweeter for stock speakers... I read somewhere on diyma.
You "unf^ck" your factory eq curve to flat, then you tell the 8 what your speaker config is, you tell it what freqs to cross at, you tell it what slope to cross those freqs at, you verify that you are getting sound from the places you told it about, then you calibrate by wearing the microphone headset and following the directions on the screen ("look straight ahead") while the unit generates sweeps and tones. It says done, you enjoy music that seems to come less from the speakers themselves and more from a general area of the vehicle (hopefully up and centered over the dash).
(1k is very low BTW, I'd be careful with that.)

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