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Originally Posted by steven747 View Post
stock fenders you think i will rub significantly with 225/40 and 255/35 ? should i give it a shot or not worth it with 9.5 squared?
To fit 9.5's up front you'll need the right suspension. My F2's would never work with 9.5's, but my AST's now will.

Originally Posted by DarkJoker View Post
I have a uuc stg2 lightweight flywheel and organic clutch setup and have had no issues and my car i similar to your +/- 1 or 2 things
what makes you uneasy about it?
Not sure. I just have a better feeling about the clutchmasters. lol idk.

Originally Posted by PEI330Ci View Post
Oh...and the "$300 here, $600 there" scenario will turn into "$3000 here, $6000 there". I've had an enourmous amount of labor put into my car. (Luckily the majority of it was done by myself) Also, I've spent over $5k on my tool set since I started my project. You've been warned...
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