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I am married to a Sex Addict and Cheater!

Man Married To Lesbian, Thoughts? Suggestions? I am seriously concerned but willing to listen to jokes...

Sorry for lack of description. Here Enjoy:

Get in bed with wife. She is talking about her day, went to get hair and makeup done for luncheon for presidential candidate's wife. Anyways her hair and makeup girl is very pretty, no pics sorry, and has come over and done her hair and makeup for just about every even my wife has done, including our wedding day. (My wife has only been in the country since August '11) So my wife is telling me about her lunch with the hair and makeup girl after getting said done and pictures of the bar made of ice and then just says "You're ok being married to a gay wife," I'm like "whatttt???" and she said that the entire lunch she was thinking about having sex with her hair and makeup friend and she was so horny she was d**pping. Then we talked about her being gay and she said she still needed a MAN :wink: and she would never leave me, that she loved me. So now I'm thinking, well is she going to go off during the day while I'm at work and f*ck some girl, what happens if she doesnt need a MAN anymore, uhoh!

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