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Originally Posted by hi its me alec View Post
Not a lot, you would just need to have exact specifications (someone posted a diagram with measurements a year or two ago) and a capable shop. Ideally the same place where the brakes are installed. It's a lot of work unless you have direct access to the correct tools/shop to do it all in one go.

It's also risky because it's a custom/trimmed stock setup.. it would compromise the integrity of the brackets a little bit, you really need to take exact amounts off so that your calipers don't rattle themselves off, and a lot of things can go bad between the first test fit and a lifetime of M3 caliper use on your car.

I debated going that route, but spent $1350 on the UUC fronts with red wilwood calipers and whatnot. Worth it..

edit: I see you have a 323. I would highly recommend getting a 330 setup and seeing how you like that. That's the best budget upgrade out there for your car for sure.. plus it's all bolt on
Thanks for the info I think I'll go the route of the 330 brakes.
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