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So for the folks that need to change the lower intake boot or lower CCV Oil Return Hose, here are my favorite tools. The only think I left out of the picture was the razor knife.

Flex head 1/4" ratchet with a 6 inch extension and a 6mm socket. Long flat blade screw driver with 12" long shaft.

From under the hood, with air filter box, MAF, upper intake elbow and usually the DISA removed, I use the 1/4" ratchet to access the original hose clamp that is pointing downward. Usually I loosen the clamp enough to rotate it to get a better angle to then get the clamp really loose as the throttle body has a lip and the lower intake elbow has a groove. I use the same approach with the ICV hose section as well.

Sometimes you can cut the lower intake elbow out with a razor knife to get better access, but if you do that you are truly committed to changing the lower intake elbow!

Warning when reinstalling the lower Intake Boot, make sure the rubber indexing flap does not get hung up inside of the intake boot, it can interfere with the throttle opening and will also probably leak vacuum. Sometimes I used some silicon spray on the inside of the boot to make it easier to fit back onto the throttle body.

As for the lower CCV Oil Drain Hose, usually I slit the hose on the dipstick tube with a razor knife to get it to release, very stubborn ones, I have to put the edge of my long flat blade screw driver inside the slit and rotate the screw driver to open the hose and break the bond to the dipstick tube. I also use my long screw driver to push downward on the CCV side of the hose while I reach under and squeeze the oval release bail. This is because it is sometime very hard to release the oval bail while pulling downward with your wrist all contorted.

Picture of Lower Intake Boot Hose Tools that I use. Take me less than 15 minutes to swap the lower Intake Boot with these.

Click image for larger version

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