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Originally Posted by White_Knuckles View Post
I'm puzzled what the benefit is? Seems like lots -o- parts and $ to gain what? Not trying to make the OP defend himself obviously he knows the bonus but as this swap is not popular or 325's aren't exactly known having a weak brake system - just wondering. I switch cars all the time driving various company cars etc. I'm always amazed just how good my brakes are compared to other systems, never considered they could be better. In other words, as a DD is there a pay-off? You track guys don't count.
No, there isn't. It's just to make them look cool. If you can lock the brakes up, you have more than enough stopping power. A larger rotor can shed heat faster but on the street, that won't matter. If you track, then go for it but if not then I wouldn't bother.
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