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Originally Posted by zikhkd View Post
I gained about 20 lbs in the past 6 months. Even after my recent bag of serious mass I finished, I didn't gain weight but got more lean.

It did help, but a good diet and workout plan is a must. It's no miracle shake, but to top of those calories its a great shake to have during/end of the day. I was pretty happy at 200 and wanted to get more lean throughout the year, until today I met someone my height sitting at 220lb lean, and in incredible shape. He played football though, amazing figure. no ****, lol

Original goal was 220 by march, but I've been slacking and didn't gain any weight since december. I thought 220 would be too much, but after seeing this guy I'll be back on track with my diet and work outs for sure. You been making any good progress lately?
Good shiit, dude!

My weight is consistent between 195-200lbs right now. This is on a low calorie diet, no casein/serious mass. Been eating a lot cleaner for the most part and exercising a lot harder and doing cardio... I have been maintaining weight while gaining strength/size... losing fat while gaining muscle slowly but surely.

With spring and summer coming up, I'm going to keep going the way I am... and once the end of summer/beginning of fall kicks in - I'm going right back to a bulk. I have 16+lbs of serious mass and 5lbs of casein waiting for bulk season, when I will also increase my daily food intake by at least 1,000 calories. With serious mass/casein I should be looking at ~4,000 calories a day vs my current ~2,000-2,500.

220 will be my goal for 2013 by February/March, then I will cut again for Spring/Summer.

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