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Originally Posted by Locutus09 View Post
Thanks for all the help guys. I'll be doing the bleeding myself.

Looks like I'll end up getting the PFC RH665 to security. I doubt I'll push it that hard the first time out on HPDE, but I like the "better safe than sorry" technique.

Will OEM pads be decent enough to get me through my first time? I realize that dedicated pads will probably be considered if I catch the HPDE bug (which I know I will). But as of now, funds aren't there for pads (rather get good pads than cheap out).

I never had lifter-tick on last year for auto-x, and I was about 3/4 high in-between the levels.
If you are going to use the stock pads I wouldn't even bother with the PFC RH665, ATE Type 200 would be fine. However, I suggest getting PFC "Z-Rated" Pads front and rear and getting the PFC Brake Fluid for FREE!

It will cost you around $200 as opposed to $55, but it is worth it. The Z-Rated will be great to start on and better than the stock pads and now it's only $150 more for the pads with the free fluid. Hurry though, you only have until the end of the month!
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