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Originally Posted by moranor View Post
ducting is a must it really helps alot... I just get very annoyed that alot of street cars run 19"+ rims just to fit a bbk because they "need" them and at the track they are hardly seen here sorry dont know why i felt i had to vent here
True. One thing I didn't bring up is the fact that my car is supercharged so I can generate a considerable amount of speed pretty quickly. That is the one HUGE tradeoff with a BBK...wheel clearance issues.

Originally Posted by MasterC17 View Post
Well, it is a Semi-Dry Sump system. In a true dry sump there is an external resevoir and hoses leading to it with the pumps in the reservoir. What BMW did with the S54 is take the dry sump and instead of locating it externally, they developed it into the bottom of the engine. In a wet-sump the oil is "picked-up". This is why in high-speed corners Non-M's have oil starvation because the oil goes to one side and the pump can't pick up oil, only air. In a dry sump the oil drain down into the pump and consequentely you don't get oil starvation unless if of course you flipped the car . So basically they took a dry sump and mounted it to the bottom of the engine instead of mounting it externally. The advantages a true dry sump would give you would be more oil in the system and better cooling and no "frothing" of the oil.
Awesome! I learned something today

Originally Posted by Locutus09 View Post
Thanks for all the help guys. I'll be doing the bleeding myself.

Looks like I'll end up getting the PFC RH665 to security. I doubt I'll push it that hard the first time out on HPDE, but I like the "better safe than sorry" technique.

Will OEM pads be decent enough to get me through my first time? I realize that dedicated pads will probably be considered if I catch the HPDE bug (which I know I will). But as of now, funds aren't there for pads (rather get good pads than cheap out).

I never had lifter-tick on last year for auto-x, and I was about 3/4 high in-between the levels.
While the OEM pads are pretty good, it depends on the track. Some, you can get away with it. Others, may not. At a minimum, I would make sure you have fresh pads. I would at least bring an extra set of pads to get you home just in case. Ideally, I'd just pony up the money for something that has a higher temp rating. Brakes are not something you want to skimp on.
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