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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
True. One thing I didn't bring up is the fact that my car is supercharged so I can generate a considerable amount of speed pretty quickly. That is the one HUGE tradeoff with a BBK...wheel clearance issues.

Awesome! I learned something today

While the OEM pads are pretty good, it depends on the track. Some, you can get away with it. Others, may not. At a minimum, I would make sure you have fresh pads. I would at least bring an extra set of pads to get you home just in case. Ideally, I'd just pony up the money for something that has a higher temp rating. Brakes are not something you want to skimp on.
Roger that.

Those pads are cheaper than I thought. Looks like I may pull the trigger on those. The Z rated pads good for auto-x too? If I can find a happy medium for pads, that'll be awesome. Ill keep OEM pads for DD, then swap the pads come events

My first HPDE will be at Mid-Ohio. The part I'm concerned about brakes fading or fluid boiling would be going into China Beach. Watching E46 M's, they are topping out around 130-140 down that straight.

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