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The headers and o2 sim are scheduled to arrive tomorrow, given homework/classes/etc. I'll probably head out to the class shop to do the install on Wednesday. I'll post up pics.

Unfortunately I think the gruppeM is going to be heading back to its original owner in the next few days, as there was a problem with the filter ($200 to replace) that happened sometime between his last clean and its arrival to me. He offered to let me exchange it, so I'm taking him up on that. Its too bad, as its a cool intake and I was looking forward to it. But it means I will have some extra money lining my pocket... so I'm considering a wide range of options between a cai and catback or axle back or cams or mtech 2 or wheels (some more realistic than others). Only reason I ask about the tips is because some of the exhausts I have been looking at have larger tips that really fill out the bumper cut-out. Looks nice, but I was wondering if there were any practical problems basically.

Obviously, also, I will want to get the headers installed and see how I like it stock before making any additional changes to the exhaust system.

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