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Originally Posted by jose325i View Post
I had issues with my driver side headlight not working intermittently, but it slowly got worse until it stopped working altogether. First, I swapped bulbs, problem did not change sides. Then I replaced the ballast with known good one. It worked for a day, then stopped working again. Today I just finished swapping the igniter (huge PITA) and ballast. Works great except self-leveling is messed up now. I need to take it all apart again
same was a b***h to get that leveling arm apart from the headlight my lights "jitter" when they go through the initial level upon startup and something seems to have gotten stuck

Originally Posted by HyeWarrior View Post
Sucks man

What was so hard about installing the new igniter? I ask because I'll be ordering replacements for mine soon

it's a pretty straightforward diy and relatively easy. I followed this DIY

I also cleaned the projector lens while I had everything apart which was extremely dirty

the projector bowl was kinda cloudy too

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