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Good stuff! I work at the dealership and x3's sell like hot cakes; pretty much every new one that gets delivered to us is already pre-ordered for a customer or sells same day it's dropped's a very impressive car. As a matter of fact, all the new ones are really (3 series, 5's etc). I don't care what anyone says, no other car (in the same class of course) drives like a bimmer...and I've driven almost anything you can think of. Lately they've been going back to their old routes while keeping things modern. They're dominating the market, making it hard for other companies to compete. The F30 is going to be a huge success. It's everything the e90 should have been in the first place. We had a red 2011 335i and a red 2012 335i sport sitting next to each other in the showroom and boy you had to see it to believe it...the new one is just so much better in every way. It made the 11' look like an antique. The F30 335 might have the same n55 engine (which actually looks a bit different, for example a redesigned intake), but it drives a lot different than the old one. It's a few hundred pounds lighter (ex. has a plastic oil pan ), electric steering rack vs the old hydraulic, 8 speed sport tranny that behaves identical to the DCT, custom stitching all on the dash/seats/steering wheel, amazing sport seats, i-drive standard, 4 driving modes, everything is driver oriented like the older models, LED interior lights, etc..

I will say this, even though the F30 handles better than the old e90, there's a bit of body roll that I would like to see eliminated. This is probably due to it being lighter and more nimble. IMO a beefier set of sway bars would do the trick. My guess is they're saving that for the 335i m-sport that's coming out in the summer.

Idk what the fcuk BMW is going to do with the new M3, but it'll be a GTR killer once tuning companies get a hold of it.

Also! That new 4cylinder turbo is also a blast to drive. Currently we have a custom ordered yellow z4 28i on the showroom floor which caught everyone's eyes when we first got it. People were b!tching about the price saying its too expensive for a 28i model...but I drove that thing after, and FCUK does that car move. There was ZERO turbo lag; and I mean absolutely no lag what so ever, the exhaust was loud and deep, and I'm willing to put a bet that it could take a 335 in a straight line. The 328i and 528i however, showed a tiny bit of lag due to them being heavier and less aggressively geared than the z4.

Overall, that engine has been the most impressive one I've seen in a long time from BMW in terms of power/functionality/economy. The thing gets freakin 36 mpg on the highway...average. Unbelievable.

Keep up the good work bmw

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Oh...and the "$300 here, $600 there" scenario will turn into "$3000 here, $6000 there". I've had an enourmous amount of labor put into my car. (Luckily the majority of it was done by myself) Also, I've spent over $5k on my tool set since I started my project. You've been warned...

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