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Thats what I thought at first but the dampening system on this coilover system really works! I noticed small details that are different from those though.

While its not as comfortable as the KW3. They are quite comfortable for $1,000 coilovers, and in addition if the coilover system is way too harsh you can set the dampening to very soft to mimic stock feel (floaty).

I heard the ksport dampening system changing the levels doesnt really do anything. I have only rode on Tein Coilovers, JOMs + Koni Shocks, KW3.

I think the design of the camber plate and coilover system is similiar. Although yellow's camber plate is zinc plated to avoid rusting.

edit: my guy confirmed its similiar design to bc racing, d2, etc however the valving and spring is very different from those.
springs are sourced differently and the valving/dampening system is special for Yellow Coilovers. They did some improvement re-engineering to get better results from the different springs and valving/dampening system using the "design of the KSports". Also quality control on these are stricter atm since they are a relatively new company trying to make a name for themselves.

While the ethical behavior of RE-designing some other company's product to make it better (through their racing program/data feedback)....could be debated.... all i care about is the EMPIRICAL performance of the suspension for my car. Therefore I will only give an empirical review of this coilover system without any preconceived biases such as product similarities. After all the aftermarket manufacturers redesign OEM parts to make them perform better ( most....)

My guy told me to rip it apart through my review if the Yellow coilover system don't pair well with the m3. So he won't waste his time importing these for BMW. But so far I'm loving the daily cruises to my grocery stores and highway onramps.

My guy is setting up a professional photoshoot soon for these coilovers with my car before I go dirtying it up

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