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I'm sold on this kit! Been needing a new clutch since I bought my car a year and a half ago. Engagement is at the very very top of pedal and is a pain in the ass drive to say the least. Will be picking mine up once my tax return finally arrives.

Thanks for all the info OP. How is your break-in going on the new kit?
So far, so good. I have about 360 miles on it now. Like I said before, either I'm getting used to driving it, or it is getting more smooth to drive. Engagement is near where it was for my stock set-up. Nothing but grip when you take it to the limit. Can be smooth if you know how to use your left and right foot properly.

One thing to note which was expected from reading other posts on the UUC magic trans fluid combo.. When the car has sat overnight in the bitter cold of Michigan, the gear box feels a little more sticky/sluggish. This is ONLY when you are first starting out down the street. Once you drive a bit and the car has warmed up a bit it goes away completely. It's so subtle that it took a while for me to even notice it. If I let my car warm up in the driveway a little, gearbox feels normal when I take off.

Just like any viscous fluid, cold will change how it behaves. I believe what phamine said a few posts back, it might chatter once it gets warm out. As of now though, after I have the car completely warmed up, after driving around all day running errands etc, I have absolutely zero chatter. When it's 90 degrees out, after driving around all day, I'm betting that will be a different story. I guess we'll see when summer is here.

If it's that bothersome people have the option of going with a different fluid combo depending on how cold/warm your little piece of the world gets.

Even with the gearbox being a little sticky after sitting in the cold overnight, it doesn't bother me one bit. It goes away completely and quickly with driving/warming up. The trade off is 100% worth it. Besides you shouldnt be stroking through the gears like your a rally car racer until your car's warmed up anyway

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Are you guys talking about clutch chatter or gear rattle in the trans? These are 2 different things. In neutral, declutched....this noise is gear rattle in the trans, that's why the fluid mix. Clutch chatter is when declutching to get the car moving forward and it "slips" but not in a smooth fashion as it does with an organic type disc. A sprung hub version can possibly help this but if you're installing this type of disc this should not be on your list of worries. If it is, use a different disc.

It's said to happen when the car is in idle, in neutral. It is due to the lighter flywheel. Not when taking off. Not when engaging clutch.
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