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Originally Posted by slrrls View Post
I have been driving the car for a couple weeks now since the 5 speed swap from automatic to 5 speed. The ebay dealer stated this clutch would work with a 2003 tdi.
It is a 2003 jetta tdi stock setup. I did change the computer from automatic to 5 speed standard with a vag com.
I'm sure I torqued the clutch bolts properly except in the last part where they tell you to torque another 1/4 turn. I almost went a quarter but stayed slightly black from a full 1/4.
I just can't bring myself to trust my torque wrench etc when I'm putting this much torque on a bolt, snapping and stripping bolts is such a bitch.
The other clutch I mention here that I did recently in another car I did the same torque method and there are no problems with it and the pedal depresses easily and smooth ( it is not stage 1 but just a normal clutch).
This stage 1 clutch is really stiff and I mean like maybe 40lbs or more.
I developed tendonitis in that foot as a a result over these couple weeks.
The clutch is a gripforce stage 1 racing clutch. I read decent reviews on this clutch.
I thought I was buying the same clutch as the one I put in a 1.8 beetle that worked out good but it turns out it is not the same clutch.
I did not replace the slave cylinder in this 2003 and am using the one that came with the used transmission. The transmission is one of the trans that work in the switch but I don't recall which one at the moment. It came out of a 2003 golf. I do recall some banter about the slave clutch when reading up on the swap but it did not impress me as a necessity to replace the slave cylinder every time and install is done. I also remember I may have read something about busting the slave cylinder if it is bled wrong. Initially we were pumping and bleeding same is when you bleed the brakes but I went back and read some more and found out no just push in and hold - no pumping as this atomizes the air bobbles.
I was talking to a fellow yesterday and he said that clutch should not be that difficult to push.
I was becoming convinced I would have to replace the clutch with something a little less aggressive.
But after talking to him I'm wondering if I need to replace the hydraulic slave cylinder.
I did read one guy stating he bleeds his clutch something like 60 times.
I thought that was just becoming anal it seemed so ridiculous. But I may have already hit the 30 mark with the couple times I have bled the clutch by now.
Anybody have and input on this or had the same problem before?
If so any ideas?
The idle problem I mentioned could be part of this.
When I first start the car is sounds normal then within a couple seconds it starts sounding like it is cam-ing. Idle is about 950 as soon as I bring it to 1000 rpm with the pedal it smooths out.
It always idled normal with the automatic trans in there.
The caming is not as bad as it was the first couple hundred miles but it is still constantly there.
shifting seems normal but takes some judicious clutch pedal at times when starting off in first to keep the chatter down. It will also peel out when I pop the clutch in first, so it seems nice and tight.
Maybe this idling issue is a sign that something is amiss.
I did clean out the egr as it was leaking out a mess. I have not removed the manifold to clean it out from the bottom side but cleaned out the top hole good where the egr connects.
I have the egr delete parts on the way so I'm waiting to get these installed and see if the egr is the problem with the idle but I'll have to wait and see when they get here.
another thing is the car has never really given good gas mileage I have a 2001 automatic that gives a steady 38 and 39 mpg but this 2003 gave 32 at first then was up to about 36 before the swap.
the 2003 is now giving a steady 38mpg with the 5 speed and I have driven very moderate so I know I should be getting about 46 to 48 by others reports.
I'm plugging at that. I'll check timing tomorrow if I have time.
My friend... I am not trying to be rude, or dismiss your problems... but you have listed a lot of problems, that seem unrelated to each other, in a very rambling, unorganized, confusing fashion, on a car that is a completely different animal from ours. I have heard good things about this clutch and set-up on BMW's. For some reason on BMW's these kits just seem to work great. I have heard negative things about these set-ups on other cars. For some reason these kits on other cars don't seem to work out as well.

I think you need to start a new post, on a forum that deals with your car, and with your specific problem. I am sorry but I don't want this thread to get cluttered up with this stuff. I wanted it to be a nice clean thread about this specific set-up, on this specific car. If you don't mind please delete your post and repost it as a new thread in the Driveline section of the forum. Or maybe try to find a forum dealing specifically with your car.

Try here my fellow car enthusiast www.tdiclub.com

P.S. I really like those Jetta's, nice looking cars
2003 BMW 325ci: Sport package, F1 Racing Stage II clutch/lightweight flywheel, AFE intake, Ebay headers,KONI YELLOWS/new mounts, Beisan Vanos seals, angel eyes, CDV delete, Curt trailer hitch, LED tails, lip spoiler, blacked out grill&trim&bumper reflectors. Tons of maintenance items done.

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