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Originally Posted by BigDRick323 View Post
She said she wants to do a threesome, but I am pretty good with life as it is, 7 year old daughter in a house of swingers cannot be a good way to grow up.
The bad news is you're married.

The best advice I could give you is if you're going down this road, begin to plan.

I knew a guy who was in an "Open" marriage. One of the guys his wife was ****ing made her an offer she couldn't refuse and she divorced said guy. Took more than half of his ****. The whole divorce was really nasty. In the end the guy was ok asset wise(as in had a place to live), but poor as all get out when it came to cash.

I personally went with him to his safety deposit box and watched him take $28,000 cash out of it.

He loved his wife but I think he knew eventually where sharing would lead.

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