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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
Benelli Vinci and Beretta Extreme 2 are not really trap/skeet guns. They are field guns and will do trap/skeet okay, but not don't have the accessories and components to excel like a proper competition gun would.
If you like the Vinci, look into the Vinci SuperSport. Otherwise, get a SuperSport, Sport II or Legacy.
For Berettas, look into an AL391 Urika Parallel, AL391 Teknys Gold or A400 Xcel.
Thank you for the input Reedo. I shot a friend's autoloader this weekend and was amazed at how little recoil it had. It was a Browning Gold Hunter. It was much easier on the shoulder than my Rem 870, which beats you up pretty well with 150 shells. I'll have to look more into the guns you listed and see which would be the best fit for me.
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