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BUMP for a great idea that no one has DIY'd! I'm in the process of making one of these fine contraptions (yes, I plan on making a DIY) but I'm soliciting ideas on how finalize the poewr and pressure.

The contraption itself is built, it actually looks a lot like ones posted before (i.e. pvc piping, pressure regulator, etc) but I'm still trying to find a good way to power the 12v glow plug. Does the power source HAVE to be 12v with 10amps output or can be the output be much less, say 5amps?

Also, anyone know what I need in order for a bike pump (as in jbeurotech's original diagram) to fit the 3/8in female thread on the pressure regulator? I don't have an air compressor but haven't been able to find a male Schrader to 3/8in male adapter (or any sort of Schrader adapter that isn't a Presta-Schrader adapter for that matter).

The sooner I work out these issues the sooner I'll have a DIY up...and my vacuum leaks spotted and fixed.
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