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Originally Posted by Kubica View Post
BMWs are German cars. They get driven at their top speed in Germany. A faster car needs bigger brakes plain and simple.

Bigger brakes weigh more also. You need more motor to make the payoff worth it.

If you have or have had brake fade I would *seriously* consider changing brake fluid asap. And get better pads.
If I decide to do this I will weigh both setups for comparison. I can't imagine the weight difference is that great.

I have had some serious brake fade driving in the mountains (oh **** brake fade). This was more-hey, I am not slowing as quickly as I usually do fade. I have no clue what pads I have on now, so that's a no brainer....fluid probably needs to be flushed as well. I haven't done it in the year I have had the car.

Any recommendations for pads? Did I see to stay away from ceramic??

Also, how often do you need to change your ebrake shoes? As needed or regularly scheduled...
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