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Originally Posted by carlito91 View Post
I've kept my 3gs for like four years now lol. They haven't given me incentive enough to buy a new one.

Also, you got all new studs, nuts, and those damn expensive inconel exhaust to header bolts, right Andy? Its probably for the best, but I'm so tempted to cheap out and just get gaskets.

Oh and eisenmann and remus mufflers come with 3-3.5inch tips. So the functionality is questionable.
Yes, I did. It was probably a massive waste of money. It probably wasn't even necessary to get new gaskets, but I don't really know. It was nice to be able to use new studs and nuts because some of the studs come out of the head and some don't. Sometimes the nut gets stuck to the stud and you would have to take them out.

Does anybody know if the S54 and M54 use the same header studs? I could go scrounge around my garage and attic and compare the extras, but I'd rather ask first

EDIT: nice leggos
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