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Originally Posted by carlito91 View Post
Yea thats why I thought you got it lol, but then I got curious and started to look for explorer stuff myself. The pickings are slim.

That 2.0 has gotta be a dog turd, how much does it weight? 5-6k?

Also, how do you guys feel about some 3.5" exhaust tips? Too rice or quite nice?
Lol, I have a race car for modding. Not that i won't touch it in the future but for now its just a dd and tie vehicle.

Originally Posted by Andy2108 View Post
So, brad, when is the ethanol conversion slated to happen?
Lol, I think I've spent enough money for now. If i ever need more power though an e85 build will be in my future. Next will be a full cage and fire supression system, then aero, and then a bbk in that order.
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