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Originally Posted by DME46 View Post
Good shiit, dude!

My weight is consistent between 195-200lbs right now. This is on a low calorie diet, no casein/serious mass. Been eating a lot cleaner for the most part and exercising a lot harder and doing cardio... I have been maintaining weight while gaining strength/size... losing fat while gaining muscle slowly but surely.

With spring and summer coming up, I'm going to keep going the way I am... and once the end of summer/beginning of fall kicks in - I'm going right back to a bulk. I have 16+lbs of serious mass and 5lbs of casein waiting for bulk season, when I will also increase my daily food intake by at least 1,000 calories. With serious mass/casein I should be looking at ~4,000 calories a day vs my current ~2,000-2,500.

220 will be my goal for 2013 by February/March, then I will cut again for Spring/Summer.
Jeez 220 by next year? You're gonna be a solid boy! haha
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