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Originally Posted by MaximumWalrus View Post
Just as a heads up the newer units have two antenna inputs and tmc seems to work really well
Are you saying that newer Dynavin V5 units (post May 2005) have two antenna inputs?

The OP has a 328 so I am presuming pre 2001 which had the older amplfier and head unit. There were two leads from this amplifier to the OEM head unit but only one could be used by the Dynavin. Unfortunately the second lead applied power from the head unit to the amp and so many people had crap AM/FM reception after fitting the Dynavin. I, like many, have fitted a powered antenna adapter between the antenna lead and the Dynavin and as this adapter is also connected to a 12v source, it supplies power to the amp and improves FM reception.

So back to the case in point, unless the Dynavin (post May 2011) has two antenna inputs, I need to know how the OP has connected the output from the two amplifiers to his dynavin.
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