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Originally Posted by trive2 View Post
We still haven't found a cheaper place to source this beast from? I've got to put my parts order in next week for my auto 330i and I might stick with a 390w fan.

Our temperatures get up to 100 farenheit but don't go below 50 or so here in Brisbane. I haven't found anyone who can tell me for sure whether the 390W fan is strong enough for an autoboxed car in a high temp environment or not, but I guess It's about my turn to be a Guinea Pig.

But still... If anyone can get a Z4M fan for less than $400 I'll be sold on it.
I don't really know where to look. Pelican only has the "Genuine BMW" listed, and most other sites don't even list the part. Z4M isn't exactly a common car, so I guess the demand for non-BMW branded OEM parts isn't very high (and I doubt the fan fails very often). Cheapest I've found is at $500 shipped. I haven't really tried asking any local dealers, but I doubt they'd be much cheaper. I'm tempted to just try the 390W version. I can't imagine running into any issues with the temperatures we get around here

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