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Originally Posted by TerraPhantm View Post
About the cleanliness of the throttle - wouldn't the M5 having ITBs change things?
Change things how? Do you mean that they would just spread around the oil vapors? So individually, they wouldn't be that dirty. But with us only having one, it will be dirtier.

I saw a DIY on the M5 site about changing the OS, and it had a good picture of the intake manifold. It had a good deal of oil vapor in it, but with their ITBs pointing up, the vapor seemed to pool more in the manifold.

So the e46 setup will suck in more vapor, but no more than the stock CCV setup. And I don't see any way that it could harm the TB. If I did this, I'd pull it apart and look at it real well after a few hundred miles though, just to be sure.
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