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tires are being mounted tomorow? where?

I guess you also added a wheel/tire vehicle.

Originally Posted by PerkM3 View Post
Even as a street car you want balance and those settings aren't gonna give you that.
If it really is an issue, which cannot be determined yet, then I will move one or two of the links to the middle holes.

Originally Posted by Ryan@GF-Performance View Post
Go full stiff front and full soft rear.

You're welcome for the sways, you should let me drive it.
Thanks. I'm glad I can trust the advice that I know comes from experience.

Only if you let Brad drive yours. Didn't I already say I would teach you to drive stick?

Originally Posted by PerkM3 View Post
I just registered for the Porche club DE. I forgot that it was an advanced DE only so there should be some fast cars to test out the M against.
I was going to ask about dates. oh well.

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