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Originally Posted by dwass325 View Post
Really getting back to feeling like my old self. My water intake is consistently >3L, not including the liquid in shakes or energy drinks (I usually have at least one of each per day which probably totals another 24-32oz of liquid).

Added back in a casein shake before bed and have noticed a direct result. I look fuller and have better appetite in the morning. I might have to add some fat though, because it's causing an old issue to come back...I wake up at 4-5am STARVING and my half-asleep choices are not always great. The almond butter I have should work well for that.

I've been eating a my own "healthy" hamburgers, too. Just two patties of 93% lean ground beef with a slice of colby jack on a wheat bun. It comes to about 50g protein, 40g carbs, and maybe 10g of fat (I think I ball parked all of those numbers slightly high).

And with that, Friday night abs/cardio, a few minutes of grocery shopping, and then a Skype date.
I did the same. 97% high lean, a little chopped onions, and pinch of seasonal with a slice of American cheese on 2 slices of bread.
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