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Hmmm, still can't get the official rom to flash.
I've tried first using an 8gb microsd in SD adaptor - like I said I had to format it Fat 32 as windows 7 doesn't do Fat16. Does that matter a lot?
Tried using Panasonic's sd format tool but this doesn't let you choose the fat option contrary to what I thought.

So second time I used the supplied 2gb SD card. Cut and pasted the card contents to a backup folder on my pc and did NOT format it (as per instructions on Dynavin's site), added the contents of the downloaded rom zip file, inserted it to the Navi SD slot then rebooted. Didn't seem to do anything so I'm not sure what I've done wrong for the flash not to happen at all?

Re' bluetooth, I've tried using a dongle the same physical appearance at least as the one someone mentioned worked (they linked to this one:

Mine looks like that but is unbranded.
Works perfectly in the laptop, but in Dyna it doesn't seem to see it. I've no idea if it's just not a compatible dongle or an issue with the software/firmware but if I can get this damn thing flashed somehow then maybe just maybe it'll work.....

Any tips on where I'm going wrong trying to flash though from SD, or how I can get a Fat16 format done in Win7???

Cheers chaps.
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