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Brilliant cheers.

Got the m3evo rom installed now thanks (the SD formatting process you described worked perfectly, whereas the process described at the start of this thread would not work for me).
Still having bother with this supercharger script though.

Clearly I'm doing something dumb. I thought this rom had busybox installed but when I run the supercharger script I get errors that it can't find busybox or the version (can't remember the exact error) and that if I continue it'll do bad things like boot loops etc.

Tried the busybox install apps therefore, but just get the same error about failing to mount system read/write. That's after a popup to say it's been granted superuser permissions.

This is all directly after installing the m3evo rom (the 09 Dec 2011 one).

Is there a step I've missed out prior to running the script manager?
Something I'm doing wrong when running that? (I just select SU and Run)
Something I have to do after installing the rom to allow busybox installer to work correctly?

Apologies that this is no doubt a noobish mistake being made somewhere. Really want to get that script in though to get the benefit of smoothing/speeding the ui a bit though.


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