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I have the 6 from the factory and it's great, but don't regret the 5 too much. Remember the 6th is just an overdrive, and some report getting better mileage riding on the hwy in 5th.
And shifting on up to 5th is the same in both cars. A little quieter in 6th than 5th at cruising speed, but once in a while I'll forget to shift to 6th and only notice when I glance at the tach and see the rpm's a little higher than I'm used to.
And when I want to pull up to 127mph I use 5th exclusively. It gets me there fast, and 6th takes so long I've never actually seen that speed except in 5th.

Love the driving out in West Tx on I-10 or I-20 where the limit is 80 mph!

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