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What I have learned from doing the swap. If you have a ZF auto trans you need to jump the 1 pin-out to 5 pin-out. It will start right up. I am not running any of the clutch pedal sensors, only the auto brake light sensor and everything works including cruise control. Obviously if you push the clutch in it will not cancel the cruise control. You do not need the complete 2 piece driveshaft. I used the front section from the transmission to the center mount. Not sure if you are able to just buy the front section separate.
I know it has been said before but make sure you address the starter locator pin. Either cut off the pin, file it down, clean the corrosion, just make sure it goes on bell housing easily. I had a hell of a time getting the starter to align correctly. I didn't notice it until I had the transmission and everything back together and went to start it and the started sounded like it was going to fall apart. Sure enough the starter wasn't aligned and lets just say that added a good 3-5 hours to fix it. I didn't drop the trans again but looking back it probably would of saved some time to just drop it again and fix it. What a pain. Hope this helps a few people.
I like the 5-speed with the 3.46 diff which is stock on my wagon. I just don't like the 3500+ rpms @ 75 mph in 5th on the highway.
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