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Looks like I can get from Amazon US so I'll grab one of those. Ordered a mini unpowered hub on ebay yesterday already so I won't buy one of those Belkin ones someone suggested unless it won't work with the one I've already bought.

Re' the bluetooth stuff, I'm curious as to what happens if your phone is already connected (call or streaming) to the parrot module on the radio side, then in Navi you try and run stuff via a USB BT dongle simultaneously (eg start streaming via an Android music player). How does that scenario play out? *edit* I've ordered one of those Sabrent dongles from the US now so I guess I'll be able to answer this myself in due course!

Sorry btw as I realise that's not specifically an android hacking question as such, but it's continuing the questions about which BT dongles work etc so it sort of goes together.

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