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the best thing about a grill is, you can cook whatever the F you want on it

make some ceasar dressing, and also if you have some stale bread, make your own croutons as well, easy as hell. get the grill HOT HOT HOT and brush a little bit of oil on the grates. get a whole head of romaine, washed, cut it down the middle. A little salt and pepper on the cut side, and face down on the grilll for a minute or two. take off, let it cool a bit, then serve like that, drizzle dressing on top with some croutons and fresh shaved parmigiano reggiano.... awesome salad, the grill taste brings it so another level. Keep in mind, you are not cutting the bottom of the heart off... that is what holds the entire half-head together

Same goes for artichokes... you can blanch and shock them quickly if you want, not necessary... then cut in half (stem still in tact holding the two halfs) and grill face down. Serve with a garlic/lemon whatever you want aioli to dip the artichoke leaves in. Delish.

Grilled brussel sprouts > *

Butterflied sausage > * Get a good brand with nice strong/thick casing. I use Perri Sweet Italian. Cut lengthwise, about 3/4 through the sausage, then use your hands to open it up to create more of a patty hour of it. Skin side down first, then flip and make sure you char the meat/fat on the opposite side. Yea, you are cooking a lot of the fat/juices out of it, but the sausage is still moist and the golden brown flavor of the sausage meat is WELL worth the loss of a little moisture. Put that on a bulky roll with some horseradish mustard, and have a wonderful day lol.

I've grilled whole red snapper before as well... lol that was fun. You can stuff it with herbs and what not first, then cook about 4-5 min each side. Nom nom nom.

Damn I am so ready for grill season its not even funny.
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