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Originally Posted by E46tknv View Post
You mind giving a name brand? And a possible example of a before/after?

The acid type wheel cleaner that big dealerships use to clean "serviced" cars. It is heavy duty stuff. You spray it all over the wheel, rinse it off, and VOILA, its clean. But didnt get brake dust off
Sonax Full Effect does a good job. Megs Wheel Brightner is an acid based one so be careful with that. If it doesn't get it all off the first time, reapply it a couple more times. If those don't work, try to clay it off. If that doesn't work, get a microfiber towel and some aggressive compound and buff it off. It will take a while to get it all out by hand with compound so don't get discouraged.

Your other option is to wet sand the area with some 1000-1500 grit paper, then 2000 grit paper, and then buff it off with compound and polish. Use this as a last resort though.

Before and afters for example:

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