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Originally Posted by m3evolution View Post


600 mhz and faster DSP!!!

I finallly got my ttl serial adapter in the mail today and was able to get my hands dirty with some kernel hacking. I tried to push it to 720 but the system reported back that the silicon is not capable at that rate. I did a short stress test and it seems to be stable at 600mhz and DSP at 430mhz.

My Rom release might be another week out due to not having the adapter and me still just learning all this stuff. If any of you guys have suggestion on what are must have features that I should include in the rom let me know.

Here are some snapshots
Eagerly awaiting any results. I just got my Dynavin unit in and installed it last night. I haven't really messed with the Android side, yet. I'm thinking I'm going to root the Android side, first thing, that way I can install titanium backup and keep a back up of all my apps/settings.

I've been using a Root app on my phone called WiFi Teather, I'm still working out the kinks with that. The Dynavin Android is able to see the SSID coming off of my Phone, but I'm not able to obtain an IP address from the phone, for some reason.
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