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Wish I could tether mine as it would mean not having to figure out about getting a suitable 3g dongle instead, but my iphone won't allow it without jailbreaking it and while I did that with my last one I'd prefer not to really.

Re' google maps - I can barely see google's maps on my dyna's screen - it just looks like a sea of white with some thin & very pale bits where roads just might be.
I'm led to believe this is an issue with the more recent versions of google maps/nav where they have changed the colour schemes or made it so only the road you're travelling on is properly visible or something.
I think it's crazy and there seems to be a lot of dislike, so I'm not sure the newest stuff is necessarily the best to use. Whenever suggestions are requested for stuff to include in a rom, I guess you'll always get differences of opinion over things like this, but that's my 2p for what it's worth.

I think a decent task killer/task manager would be very useful to include. Ie something we can set up to auto kill specific apps and so on. Dynavin hardware is not especially powerful and is lacking in memory, so getting/retaining good performance will in no small part come down to app/process housekeeping.

An app that I think would be handy to include would be one of the car interface ones. I.e. where you get half a dozen or so big chunky shortcut keys to apps/settings of your choice, and a speed readout or something. There's a few free ones about but not sure what's best.

Just a few thoughts anyway.
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