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I'm very upset with my car. Every time I work on it, I find new time bombs that looks like they're about to blow up. So I go and fix it as preventative maintenance, even though it's not exactly broken yet. I can't help myself.

It drives really well for a 12 year old car with 180K+ miles, I'm surprised about that, but I really spend a lot of time and money keeping it that way, and it really turned me away from ever buying another BMW again.

My highest priority selection criteria for my next car would be ease of maintenance. That's for sure.

As a side note, as I do more work on the car, I learned to appreciate mechanical engineers designing these cars a whole lot more than I use to.
Even though some pieces that needs replacing are really hard to get to, you practically have to take half a car apart just to reach it, I realize that
I really can't begin to visualize how all the pieces has to fit together if I had to do their job.
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