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Originally Posted by new//M3fan View Post
M3's are much better built. The 330 I had was beat to crap. And a waste of time and money. Regardless I had fun with it. But the M3 is oddball problem free.
M3's also have that infamous subframe crack and something about Vanos with a bolt backing out... into the engine. Other than that I haven't heard of many problems.

Has anybody ever noticed how dirty the upper portion of the intake is on the inside? The ONLY car that I know like this.


I feel that there some will get there is a lot of negativity towards BMW or E46's from my post. There is and there isn't. I bought the car expecting superior engineering, craftsmanship, quality, and reliability. I was severely let down 1st by the incidents with my car, then through research in finding out how common these things were. Aftermarket modifications are vastly more expensive than other cars and at the same time you get less or just as much gain. One of my dream cars is still an ///M but I think this is one of those cases where you just "Don't drive your heroes." Well, own anyway. The E46 will forever be one of the most beautiful shapes.

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