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Originally Posted by invictus View Post
I have great appreciation for welds.
I know, I almost don't want to paint over them!

Originally Posted by Tarmac_E46_M3 View Post
How much did the A/C weigh?

I like the idea of a street legal track car! Do you still have all the airbags?

Coming along nicely. What I'm going to do, to make the interior (bare metal showing) and help with sound is do a layer of Lizard Skin. It's supposed to do A LOT for the sound and weight is almost nothing. I'm going to do the entire interior chassis all the way into the trunk.
The A/C all-together minus Evaporator weighed about 30lbs I believe.

I have to still pass state inspection, so if I were to remove the airbags I would need to trick the car into thinking they were still there. I know you removed yours, did you use resistors or code them out with DIS or something?

Honestly, I don't mind the sound too much, it's really not as bad as you would think.
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