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Originally Posted by MasterC17 View Post

The A/C all-together minus Evaporator weighed about 30lbs I believe.

I have to still pass state inspection, so if I were to remove the airbags I would need to trick the car into thinking they were still there. I know you removed yours, did you use resistors or code them out with DIS or something?

Honestly, I don't mind the sound too much, it's really not as bad as you would think.
Wow, a lot more than I thought. I might end up pulling the A/C.... we'll see how the summer goes. I did it an entire summer with the STI I had, no A/C and all. But i also didn't really go beyond the SD and OC areas here in Ca.

That's what I was getting at, if you used any resistors. I don't have the seat or door airbags, so I need to figure what I need to do to fix that light. I think I found a thread on M3F about it, I just need to get resistors and start playing with it.

I guess I'm more concerned about sound for when I slap on a 3.5" exhaust... lol. That's going to be loud! right now it's not too bad, but I don't know what it's like without the carpet, I'm sure louder than my car (I still have the stock exhaust).
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