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Originally Posted by Tarmac_E46_M3 View Post
Wow, a lot more than I thought. I might end up pulling the A/C.... we'll see how the summer goes. I did it an entire summer with the STI I had, no A/C and all. But i also didn't really go beyond the SD and OC areas here in Ca.

That's what I was getting at, if you used any resistors. I don't have the seat or door airbags, so I need to figure what I need to do to fix that light. I think I found a thread on M3F about it, I just need to get resistors and start playing with it.

I guess I'm more concerned about sound for when I slap on a 3.5" exhaust... lol. That's going to be loud! right now it's not too bad, but I don't know what it's like without the carpet, I'm sure louder than my car (I still have the stock exhaust).
Ok, I looked it up on my spreadsheet and the A/C delete saved 29.7lbs. From my research, it appears you need 1/2 watt 3 ohm resistors. I'm planning on deleting the side curtain, side, and passenger airbag and just leaving the driver airbag - assuming it works.

Good point, once you put the BW exhaust on, it's probably going to be really loud. Not to mention, I was speaking in terms of leaving the radio on. With the radio on, you just turn it up and the sound isn't bad, with the radio off it gets annoying quick. You didn't delete the radio - did you?

Originally Posted by fastjasonbmw View Post
I would recommend painting the rollbar white. It makes it easier to see cracks. WRC cars have white cages, but also go thru a lot more stress.
I contemplated white, but the silver is pretty close to white and will match the interior/exterior of the car which I think is going to look pretty good. Not to mention it's going to be a lot easier to paint because it matches the interior already; otherwise I would have to go even more crazy taping.
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