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I forgot the memory card for my camera, so you're going to have to deal with the poor pictures.

Basically, I removed all the rear portions of the sound deadening (up to the front bracket for the seats). This time I used a heat gun - it worked 1,000,000x better. It was SOOO much easier. DO NOT USE DRY ICE. Just needed to use some laquer thinner to clean up the residue, but still, way easier and no dents in the metal. I also painted the small rear-most portion where the sound deadening was. The paint (color) is nearly perfect, although it's a tad bit more "flaky"/metallic looking. Oh well, as long as it's close I don't particuarly care.

Heat Gun Much Better:

Heat Gun (Closer) vs. Dry Ice (Farther):

Laquer Thinner Before & After:


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