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I need to understand a few points.

1. Is this car equipped with the ZHP Performance package?
2. Are you using a BMW specific code reader and it is capable of reading shadow codes? Highly suggest PA Soft BMW Scanner 1.4.0. ebay or are some places you can find this software. PA Soft provides shadow codes that may be helpful in diagnosing unusual problems.

Suggest you read my comments in this thread -

I cannot say for sure this is your problem, but I do suspect some cars may be having problems with knock/ping sensors that have aged, possibly cracked internally and are falsely triggering under certain harder acceleration pulls.

I am hopeful I can get the knock sensors replaced on my M5 in the next week and solve a nagging problem that I have had for over 1 year. I have the parts here in hand, I just need to find the time to get them installed. I have been methodically been working through any possible issues that could be causing my problem and nothing has made any improvement yet, so I hope I am correct on my problem.
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