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Originally Posted by BigDRick323 View Post
Read my post closer, she only started stripping 6 months AFTER we got married, she had never stripped before, but she had been to stripclubs before we got married.
Honestly, it makes no difference man. Her behavior isn't that of someone who really wants to be a mother.

"Mommy was a stripper."

The problem with this is the wife has most likely known from a much earlier time that she wanted to go down this road. There wasn't honestly to begin with.

Societies views on sex are very archaic but try explaining that to a 7 year old child. All the child will know is that her friends tell her mommy dances on a pole sometimes and takes off her clothes.

Add to it that it's already been said she is set for life why would she strip? She could do that in her own bedroom for BigD easily enough. Huge red flags for me when there is talk of sharing financial assets with a woman that behaves like that.

I'm ALL for having fun with a situation like this but spending the rest of your life/money dealing with the new challenges a relationship like this brings isn't worth it TOO ME. Different strokes though!


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