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Originally Posted by breiwa1 View Post
Everything you said would be just dandy if the guy was interested, but the dude has clearly said he is not into it and that is what is wrong with her doing it.

Honestly I would feel the same way. When I was 20 this was cool, but I found out it isn't my deal and if my wife were to not only suggest it but go ahead and make a date I would be running for the hills.
Originally Posted by breiwa1 View Post
No one is judging anyone except you when you bashed closed minded people. Freedom works both ways- if closed minded people want to be that way, then let them be that way. If someone want to have an open marriage, let it be. Who gives a rip. I have not read a single post were someone was judging anyone for how they fvck.
Bashing? LOLs, I'm not bashing anyone just making observations and giving some opinions. And everyone judges, to state otherwise would demonstrate ignorance and as such, I never stated to the contrary; the distinction is that I don't judge based on a persons sexuality, I find it irrelevant. And yes some posts here are doing exactly that, judging others based on sexuality, maybe not consciously and maybe it only shows and comes through subtly but if you look back and reread some posts carefully, it's really not that hard to see it.

Originally Posted by breiwa1 View Post
The point is this dude does not want that and she has no right to force it on him after he agreed to marry her. Let her do what she wants and leave.
OP also stated that he loves her and doesn't want to just up and leave, my posts simply give an apposing view point, a different perspective to what's already been posted. And again, the signs where likely there, I seriously doubt all this just came out of no where; if it did then obviously I'd be inclined to agree. But then that still wound't change the fact that he doesn't just want to up and leave. That said I have no stakes in this and as you yourself stated, who gives a rip, why do I post then...simple, because I'm bored and feel like it.
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