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Lightbulb DIY Headlight Lens Restoration for Under 20$

Apologize for the length:

Here is a cheap and easy DIY to get your headlights looking like new.


See those nasty pits? Let's get rid of those.

Here is what you will need:

Step 1:
(You don't HAVE to remove the lens however I find it comforting to not worry about sanding my paint off.)
Pop open your hood, and remove your headlight lens'.
If you've never done it before don't worry, its not hard.

Unscrew your corner lens by using a phillips bit in the oval hole labeled "N"

Pull off the rubber/plastic trim around the lens, there are little plastic clips that pull out easily.

Pull out the plastic panel below the lens.

This takes some force..you need to undo the little clips on the left and right, and pull it out with a bit of force.

The left side clips.

Once its out just let it chill there until you need it out of your way.

See those little black plastic clips holding the clear lens on? Make your way around the lens unhooking those.

Wala, lens is off.

Remove lens and set it aside while you remove the opposite side.


The left side corner lens is a PITA.

You can only pull it out this far before you need to remove this little clip..

Fit your hand in there and push down on the little black square towards the bottom of it until it unclips.

I didn't want dirt/dust to fly into my headlights so I covered them with some trash bags, it's ghetto but it works.

Now for step 2....
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