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Step 2:

Here is what you should have, minus the Jameson haha.

Give you lenses a quick wash so that you can see exactly where they're pitted/scratched.

See all that crap?

Open your 3M kit. Here is what you have:

You will start with the gold, then goto the white/purple and finally the odd gray foam one. Lastly you will use the rubbing compound and the orange applicator to polish them off.


Attach the black drill bit to your drill

Secure a gold disk to it using the velcro side

Start DRY sanding, it's a bit scary because it looks like your lens is destroyed but I promise if you do it correctly then the results are amazing.

Notice that at this point you really start to notice the deep pits/scratches.

As the directions state, the more time you spend on any one step improves your final results. Don't be afraid to go over it a dozen times if that's what it takes.

Once your sanding disk looks like this, wipe it and your lens off so that it continues working correctly.

If you notice it's not working as well, replace your disk. I went through two gold disks for each headlight lens.

Ensure you get the side edge, you're better off getting more than necessary to ensure a good uniform finish.

Step 3:

Attach your white disk that has purple writing.

After one pass with the 800 grit this is what you have compared to the 300 grit.

Top = 800 grit. Bottem = 300.
Notice the change in clarity.

Once you've went over your lens a good few times you're ready for the 3000 grit gray disk.
(More times = better results, and don't forget to wipe the disk and your lens every now and then.

Step 4:
Now you will use your gray 3000 grit disk with some wet sanding. Get out your spray bottle!

Spray the gray disk until it's nice and wet.

Also spray your lens, make sure you keep everything WET.

You will get a white slurry, I like to wipe this off after every pass.

A couple passes with the 3000 grit compared to the 800 grit..

A few more..

Once you're done with your 3000 grit you're ready for the rubbing compound to polish them off.

Smear some rubbing compound on your orange foam applicator.

Apply a couple coats and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth.

3000 Grit compared to a finished lens..

Once you're done clean them both off real well and get ready to reassemble your headlights.

Sorry for the lack of pictures at the end, my camera died so I'll just explain this part.

Place your lenses back on by snapping them into place and locking the black clips over the COMPLETE holder part of the clear lens.

Re-attach your lower plastic trim piece.

Put your plastic/rubber trim back on, it snaps in easily.

Replace your corner lens and wala, you're finished.

I like to do this about once a year as it's easy and it keeps your headlight lens' looking like new. The 3M kit should last you a couple uses so you can use it again when they look beat up again.

Enjoy your gorgeous new lenses
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